Lessons Learned

1. Combining wiki writing and bibliographic citations - harder concept to grasp than we anticipated.

GroupPhoto2.JPG2. Too many assignments - not enough time to complete the work.

3. Students were more technologically savvy than we anticipated - 1st year but not as much the 2nd year

4. First year - Oral history assignment didn't include enough background on the specifics of 'how to do it' ; 2nd year fixed this

5. Migration to the public version of the wiki took longer than expected due to some "clean up" issues

6. We inaccurately 'assumed' all student work would be at an acceptable level to post

7. First year - Three students were so interested in Drake history they became Student Ambassadors - giving campus tours; Second year - the class enjoyed oral histories.

8. Made valuable connections with alums when they submitted their campus photos

9. First year - Both instructors graded all assignments and then the scores were averaged together for each assignments.

10. Even instructors learned some new historic information while on a field trip


Part 4