Logo and Public Relations

The question - what to name this wiki about Drake:

As we were designing the class, we were calling it "Drakepedia" and agreed on the spelling at that time. We wanted the class to be part of the logo-designing process so we decided to have the marketing department representative attend a class session and treat the 'class' as the client.The Marketing Department returned later in the semester to provide some options for the class that included:


Oh NO - Drakepedia was already taken by another organization!!!So Drakeapedia was the best choice.Another Issue we had to deal with regarding trademark and copyright is the university logo and getting permission to have it on the page. The University's Marketing Department determined that it would be appropriate to have the logo.


Promoted it to the Admissions Department as a possible tool for recruitment.


Worked with Advancement/Alumni Office to push out our need for photographs from Drake Alums.
Call for photos was promoted in eblue newsletter.


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