First-Year Seminars, Special Collections and Information Literacy

First-Year Seminar (FYS)

First-Year Seminars have been at Drake University since the early 1990s. Cowles Library faculty and staff started offering course sections in 2005.

Special Collectionsbiography_file_2011.jpg

Cowles Library has many collections to use for a course on Drake University:
  • Agency files
  • Biography files (see photo to the right)
  • Student yearbooks - "The Quax"
  • Student newspapers - "Times-Delphic"
  • numerous other university special publications

Information Literacy

The fact that this course was co-created and co-taught by a librarian, Claudia Frazer, and a seasoned instructor, Susan Fink, meant that the class had a number of activities and assignments related to information literacy skills.

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